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i will never stop writing
or talking with hopes
that some day, someone
will love my words.

i will never stop painting
or drawing because maybe
some day, my art will be framed.

i will never stop smiling
or laughing; some day,
someone will love my imperfect
teeth and horrible laugh.

i will never stop looking
in the mirror or fixing my hair
because some day,
the reflection in the mirror
will be beautiful and what
others think will not matter to me.

i will never stop believing or
living life because some day,
i will be happy and i will love myself
because i do not need a prince charming
to be happy or kiss a silly frog to be a princess
because some day, i will realise i am one.

cas, some day (via worldwarnun)

moving on

You believe in a Buddhist faith. The idea of spreading love and peace wherever you go. Leaving positive, loving fingerprints on people hearts. Strong loving memories for each person to remember you by. The only thing is that even with your beliefs and attempt to embody such a fate you contradict yourself. I always believed that when you loved or cared about someone you put that person first and that’s what I tried to do with you! I tried my best to love you from a distance. Even when you hated me over words that never left my lips. I didn’t talk to you because I knew it’s what you wanted. But when we talked again after everything that happened you touched my heart as fondly as the first time. When I went to the tattoo shop to get my sunglasses that I left there after you were flirting with me on facebook i wasn’t the only one in that room to feel our connection you and somebody else felt it too. But tree days later you would tell me about the guy you hooked up with. You would boast about the people you flirted with or made out with. You purposely tried to make me jealous and you don’t do that to people you care about. 

I know you cared at one point but that was clouded by the fact that i would still give you attention even after you would tell me about all the other people. I was your string along to make you feel good about yourself. Even when I moved away you would still message me every day, flirting with me even though you had a boyfriend. You told me you were moving to Barcelona the place I went to get away from you. Why was it that you wanted to move to here despite the fact that there was a whole world out there for you to see? Why pick the place that had me in it? So you could show me how in love you are with your new man?

I couldn’t hack that idea so I made you hate me. You don’t message me any more and through this I have gotten to see that those ideals you claim to believe by are just beliefs never to be acted on. At first your fingerprints were anchors for my heart to keep it steady and then they became scars. But thank you for showing me how much better I deserve than to be the third party in the aisling show. I hope ciaran treats you well and I hope that if you guys break up you remember me who loved and cared about you so deeply and I hope you see how happy I am now that I’ve moved on! 

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